Ansulite 3×3 Low-Viscosity AR-AFFF

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Ansulite3x3ANSULITE® 3×3 Low-Viscosity AR-AFFF (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) Concentrate is formulated using a newly patented and proprietary technology. The foam concentrate has a dramatically reduced viscosity as compared to other listed polar-solvent type AR-AFFF concentrates on the market. This reduced viscosity enhances performance in all types of foam proportioning equipment including inline eductors, balanced pressure systems, and built-in systems aboard CFR vehicles.

ANSULITE 3×3 Low-Viscosity AR-AFFF Concentrate is unique among the ANSULITE AFFF agents in that it can be used on either conventional Class B fuel or the polar solvent type Class B fuels. Its excellent wetting characteristics make it useful in combating Class A fires as well.

Because of the low energy required to make foam, it can be used with both aspirating and nonaspirating discharge devices. To provide even greater fire protection capability, it may be used with dry chemical extinguishing agents without regard to the order of application.

Due to the velocity of the dry chemical discharge, care must be taken not to submerge the polymeric membrane below the fuel surface.

A unique application for ANSULITE 3×3 Low-Viscosity AR-AFFF Concentrate is vapor mitigation for hazardous fuming compounds including fuming acids. Recent tests on oleum and chlorosulfonic acids conducted in conjunction with DuPont at a DOE testing facility in Nevada found the foam to be very effective when applied through medium expansion nozzles such as the ANSUL® Model KR-M2 and KRM4.

In addition, the concentrate is ideally suited for situations involving flammable liquid spills where prolonged vapor suppression is desirable in advance of the spill clean up.