Bladder Tanks


Bladder Tanks are the most common type of balanced pressure proportioning systems.  The system uses a pressure rated tank with an internal rubber bladder.  The foam concentrate is stored within the bladder and system water pressure is used to squeeze the bladder and provide pressurised concentrate to the proportioner.

Bladder tanks come in a wide range of sizes from 300 us gallons to 3000 usgal in the Ansul Product Range and from 400 litres to 25000 litres in the SKUM range.Bladder Tanks provide a self contained balanced pressure proportioning system requiring no external power or foam pumping.

Recent developments by SKUM have enhanced the advantages of using a bladder tank as the means of providing a balanced pressure proportioning system – see News items for details

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Foam Shelf Life

Depending on what type of foam concentrate you have, the typical shelf life will vary.Protein type concentrates have a shelf life of about 7 to 10 years.

The synthetic type concentrates, which are the AFFF, ARC type AFFF, Class “A” and High-Expansion concentrates, have a shelf lives of 20 to 25 years.

Click Here to download the Ansul Technical Bulletin on AFFF Shelf Life

New Range of Monitors

MonitorTyco Safety Products Fire Suppression Group has unveiled a number of groundbreaking pieces of SKUM™ brand foam hardware: the new remotely controllable FJM-EL fog / jet monitor range, and the new HG high-expansion foam generators.

They join a line-up of dependable and efficient foam fire protection solutions that are globally favoured for high value, high risk petrochemical, aviation, marine and power plant applications.

The new FJM-EL monitors are powerful additions to the established SKUM FJM range. All three models – the FJM-100 EL, the FJM-150 EL, and the FJM-200 EL – offer exceptional flow performance, incorporate electric motor driven elevation and rotation and solenoid valve operated fog / jet pattern adjustment.

However, it is the FJM-EL’s remote control operation that really sets them apart as fix-mounted monitors designed for the safe delivery of foam or water, either as a solid jet or a fog pattern.


If you’re not already aware, the European Community has passed laws stating that all materials containing PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonates) will be banned. As a Tyco Authorised Distributor we have access to world experts in fire fighting foams and can help you meet your obligations.

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